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fBookmarks beta testers have experienced:

  • Less distraction in focused work
  • Better time management
  • Increased control over dopamine levels

Why regular bookmarks suck

Your iPhone gets smarter every year, but your bookmarks don't. Let's change that.

No BS reporter

Cut through the noise and get straight to the point.

Personal story teller

Bookmark Medium articles, and read stories later.

Accountability coach

You'll finally stop saving the things you never look at again.

ADHD focus wizard

Concentrate on your work first and stop context switching.

Supercharged librarian

Save everything in one place: your inbox, for max. privacy.

No AI restrictions

Pages can't block you, because you're not scraping their site.

Meet beta testers

Ngl, when "0xRollerboy" showed me the app, I was kinda skeptical. Turned out it's easy to use, and does its job really well.


Financial assistant

Why didn't anyone make this service earlier? It's nothing new... with a little AI here and there. So simple, yet so powerful.

Adam Simmons

Product manager

fBooksmarks version 1.0 helped me a lot. As a beta tester I got access to infinite summary options. After leaving my feedbacks to "0xRollerboy" I catched myself using the extension pretty often.


Data analyst

Works fine. Would recommend.

whiteheroo39 on Discord

Beta tester

UI sucks.

Salty user

(Gotta show the bad ones too)

Chrome extension is goood. But I won't switch from Safari šŸ˜­

Early user

We don't know

fBookmarks is my helper. I save Medium articles on hiking and adventures. Now I can read a 8 minute story under 30 secs.


Casual hiker

Works fine


We don't know

fBookmarks is my fav! Saves my reads and gives me short stories weekly. I learn the life stories of famous composers with it and enjoy it!


Beginner pianist

Makes reading faster, but the design could be better

Beta tester

Met him on Discord

fBookmarks is mid. I save work stuff, and get quick updates every week. Keeping up with industry news just got easier.


Financial analyst

I was searching for a new bookmark extension with upgraded features in the app store. I saw fBookmarks. It had a few downloads at the time, but I thought I'd give it a try. It was worth it.

Actual user

President of Sales

I use it for school. Ofc, ChatGPT does all my homework, but sometimes I also use fBookmarks to save articles I care about.



Never liked reading. School made me hate it. But now, I don't have to read all that BS.

Former classmate


My hobby is cooking. When I come across a new recepie, I try to learn everything about it, like the origins and stories around it. fBookmarks help me a lot with that!



Super useful. I put my articles there, and it gives me short updates each week. Makes me smarter without stress.


Public worker

I save around 3 hours a week by using fBookmarks.


We don't know

This tool is awesome. It saves my stories, and I get small summaries every week. It helps me learn lots of cool stuff!


Casual reader


Random guy from the internet

I have no idea

I like to read, but I don't have much time between shifts. I use fbookmarks as my personal weekly summary manager.


Nursing Assistant

Use your browser as usual

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Frequently asked questions

The Chrome extension lets you save articles you like. But instead of just bookmarking and never re-reading, you get an AI summary. It has 5 Tweet size bulletpoints. You get it in your inbox every week. This way you are "forced" to read what you wanted.

The service was built by me, 0xRollerboy. I'm a self-taught wannabe coding entrepreneur. I built my 100k+ niche personal brand with $0 on ads. Now I'm starting over as an anon.

Yes, it is secure. fBookmarks uses Stripe for financial processing, and it does not store any information about your card.

If you paid for Pro and it isn't shipped yet, yes.

Yes, you are right. But many companies, like Medium, are increasingly cautious about sharing their data. fBookmarks uses a unique approach by injecting a script into the current website you're on and forwarding it to our server. This enables fBookmarks to work with any website.